Who We Are

Go Public Gulf Coast is a 501(c)(3) and a collaboration of fourteen Independent School Districts throughout the Gulf Coast region.  We showcase the wonderful things happening throughout all of our schools and connect community and business to the opportunities our schools offer students.  We’re proud of our educators who equip and empower all students to achieve their fullest potential. This contributes to a vibrant and strong future for us all.  Please join us and support the value public education brings to the Gulf Coast region through the hopes and dreams of its students.


Mission Statement

Go Public Gulf Coast is a non-profit organization in the Gulf Coast area established to positively promote public education by generating awareness and understanding of the facts about the Independent School Districts (ISDs) in the Gulf Coast area. The organization participants include the ISDs, business community, and individual supporters.

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“Go Public Gulf Coast was created in an effort to showcase the wonderful things happening in our public schools and the opportunities we have available to ALL students. We [ISDs] have much to be proud of and it’s time that we educate the public with facts that demonstrate the effectiveness and long-lasting impact our schools have on every student, every day.”Bob Covey, Go Public Gulf Coast Board President